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Capacitor :


DAIN’s capacitor can be used for Switching power supplies, Power related, AC/DC adapter, (Switching) Adapter, Transformer, Monitor, DVD, Industrial automation, Lighting, Cable Modem, Medical, Motor drives, Telephone, Lighting power module design, Converters, and controls, EMI filter and spark killer circuits ….etc. Designed mainly for suppressing noise occurring in power line of electric and electrical appliances.

UL 94V-0 deal for using in Line-By-Pass Components, Antenna coupling and  Across-The-Line, also available for FMI filter and Switching power supply application.


CUSMI Wire Connectors :

Your best choice ─ CUSMI , the gold medal connector, It replaces the traditional way of using tape to wrap wire, CUSMI is more convenient and safer. The useful life of CUSMI is more than 20 years. You don’t have to worry about the electric fire. CUSMI Wire Connectors give you a safety living environment and improved the quality of your life.



DAINA manufacture high brightness LEDs with the characteristics of compact size, low power consumption and long operation life. They are widely used in areas such as fax machine, automotive interior and exterior lighting, outdoor/indoor displays, traffic signals, indicators for various consumer electronic equipments and eventually light sources for general illumination.